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Fishing in Högsjön

The Högsjön fishery association area consists of the larger Högsjön and the three smaller lakes, Hällesjön, Vivsjön and Ämtasjön.

About Högsjön

Here it is possible to fish from the shore as it is easily accessible and the lakes are mostly surrounded by forest. Högsjön consists of many islands and cliffs, the lake is both shallow and deep in places.

Permitted methods: Spin, angling, trolling and wintertime ice fishing.

Where to buy fishing permits

To purchase fishing permits and hire boats, please contact:

  • Bo Bengtsson, Ulvanstorp
    Tel: +46 70-330 10 46
  • Rune Johansson, Åsen
    Tel: +46 320-510 24
  • Uno Karlsson, Hällenäs
    Tel: +46 70-839 83 74
  • Torgny Andersson, Hällenäs
    Tel: +46 76-876 06 81
  • Sonny Rydström, Ö Frölunda
    Tel: +46 325-300 53

When is fishing permitted?

You can fish in Högsjön year round.

Fish species


Day pass

SEK 30

Week pass

SEK 70

Season pass

SEK 200


SEK 50

Supplement for angel hook/day

SEK 50

Children under the age of 15 fish for free in the company of adults with fishing licenses.

Fishing in the Fegen area

There are many lakes and rivers of different nature in the Fegen area, offering a variety of fishing. You are able to fish for both put-and-take as well as wild fish. The beautiful surroundings will make you want to stay longer and return again and again. Many of the fishing areas sell fishing permits online. You will find current costs and rules at each respective fishing area or by contacting our tourist information centre.


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