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Ammamossen Gårdprodukter

Ammamossens Gård is located in the southern part of the Svenljunga local authority area. The farm produces, among other things, vegetables, fruit and meat on a small scale.

Wonderful products from Ammamossen

Ammamossens Gård is located In the small hamlet of Klägghult, between Håckvik and Kalv in the Svenljunga local authority. Ecologically certified vegetables and strawberries are grown here. There is also a flock of mixed breed and fine wool sheep.

Ammamossen also offers home baked products such as bread and tasty pies. You can find the farm's products for sale at Backa Loge café och vandrarhemopens in new window. You can also order goods from the farm.

Keep in mind that Ammamossen's farm is only seasonally open! To find up-to-date information, we recommend that you visit their Facebook page.


  1. Klägghult 2, Svenljunga