fegen´s nature reserve

Fegen's nature conservation area was redesignated as a nature reserve in 2012. The nature reserve is situated in the municipalities of Falkenberg, Svenljunga and Gislaved and therefore extends into the three counties of Halland, Jönköping and Västra Götaland.

Fegen is a beautiful maritime landscape which consists of the island of Fegen and the surrounding area. With its rich bird life and varied landscape, it is a very popular outdoor recreation area.

The ruling concerning the new reserve largely contains the same regulations and purpose that applied to the previous nature conservation area. However, the ban on access to the bird conservation areas on Fegen has been extended by a couple of weeks. Access to the bird conservation areas is now prohibited between 1 April and 31 July. During this period, motorised vessels must also observe a 5 knot speed limit within the area.

Lake Fegen covers an area of almost 24 square kilometres and is one of Sweden's largest lakes. The lake is around 38 metres deep and is home to Coregonus trybomi, a species of freshwater whitefish which is considered critically endangered.

The lake also contains many other species of fish, including whitefish, pike-perch, white beam and Alpine bullhead. Among the well-known bird species in Fegen Nature Reserve are osprey and black-throated loon. You will also find common redshank, great black-backed gulls and canada geese here.

Fegen Nature Reserve covers a total area of 9.7 square kilometres and has been protected since 1980.

The purposes of the nature reserve are to:
• conserve and provide suitable habitats for the varied natural fish fauna, with particular regard to the freshwater whitefish, Coregonus trybomi.

• conserve Fegen as a natural nutrient-poor lake with good water quality.

• conserve the bird fauna characteristic of the area, with particular regard to the black-throated loon and osprey.

• facilitate active outdoor recreation.

• conserve the habitat types and species present in the area which are covered by the EU's network of nature reserves, Natura 2000, in a favourable condition. For information on habitats and species, see the conservation plan for the relevant Natura 2000 site.

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Did you know ...

... VER-DI is an EU project of which the Fegen area is part, together with the Danish and Norwegian nature and preservation areas.

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Information centre for visitors to the Fegen area. You will meet us on a daily basis in Fegen throughout the summer.


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FIA Fegen Inspiration Area
Information centre for visitors to the Fegen area. You will meet us on a daily basis in Fegen throughout the summer.