Canoe trail Håcksvik-Kalv

The Fegen area features miles and miles of waterways and beautiful lakes waiting for you to explore them by canoe or kayak.

Håcksvik to Kalvsjön - One day tour, 5-6 hours

A cosy trip down the river, winding its way through a varied and beautiful landscape. Low water levels can make this route difficult. Start in Håcksvik and head south in Stångån. You will pass through alternating agricultural and forest landscapes. At Mölleberg you will be required to move the canoe at low tide, however it is often possible to leave it on the ground and pull it gently. At the bridge in Klägghult the canoe can be taken out of the water should you prefer a shorter trip of about 2-3 hours. Should you prefer a longer trip you simply continue south along Stångån until you reach Kalvsjön.

A short distance past Klägghult you have the option of heading right towards Lake Kalvsjön or left towards Lake Fegen. The Håcksvik-Klägghult route takes approximately 3 hours while the Klägghult-Kalv stretch takes another 3 hours. The Klägghult-Gammalsjö route takes about 2 hours. Please note that there is a fire ban on the route south of Klägghult.

Good to know - plan your canoe trip

There are several businesses in the area that can help you plan your canoeing experience, these businesses can also help you if you need to rent a canoe. You can find all our canoe providers here.


There are several different accommodation options of varying standards in the area. You will find a full range of accommodation here. There are also several campsites where you can stay overnight.