Fishing in Alvhagasjön

The company Alvhaga Vildmark owns three private fishing lakes - Alvhagasjön, Pipesjön och Kvarnsjön - with populations of perch, pike and walleye. All the lakes have calm waters suitable for family fishing trips. You can rent fishing gear, boats and outboards.

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Alvhaga Vildmark, Fegen,
Phone:+46 70-590 64 15

When can I go fishing?

You can go fishing all year round here.

Fish species

Fishing in the Fegen area

There are many lakes and rivers of different nature in the Fegen area, offering a variety of fishing. You are able to fish for both put-and-take as well as wild fish. The beautiful surroundings will make you want to stay longer and return again and again. Many of the fishing areas sell fishing permits online. You will find current costs and rules at each respective fishing area or by contacting our tourist information centre.


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