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Håcksvik church

Håcksvik church is a wooden church, dating back to 1826. This church replaced the original red-painted church of the Middle Ages.

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About Håcksvik church

Håcksvik church dates from the beginning of the Middle Ages, however as its condition deteriorated over time, a new church was built in 1826. This is when the current church replaced the old one.

The church still includes details dating from the Middle Ages, such as the font. There are also two altarpieces in the church.

During the 1940s, the church was renovated and the remains of a young woman were found under the floor. She was estimated to have been buried there around the 17th century. No one knows who she is, but there is an old legend about the bride who broke her neck on the way to her wedding, perhaps its her?

More in and around Håcksvik

There are plenty more cultural attractions to visit in Håcksvik. These include Kummeludden, Gammalsjö Kvarn and Kvarngården. In Håcksvik you will also find Siggeberg's flea market and a short distance away, Påarps Gårdshotellexternal link. The area has some amazing scenery. Fegen's nature reserve has an abundance of hiking and cycling trails such as Ätradalsleden, Pilgrimsleden Kindaholm, Kindaholmsturen, Bondemilen and Gislavedsleden. There is plenty of water here, which also provides excellent fishing and canoeing opportunities.

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