Canoeing tour of the lakes

On this two-day tour, you will head across Kalvsjön, Svansjöarna and Fegensjön. A nice tour where you may spot the black-throated loon?

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Two-day tour with overnight stay in a wind shelter or hostels

This two-day tour includes about 4 hours of canoeing per day with an overnight stay in the Fegen nature reserve.

Day 1

Head out in Kalv and travel south in Kalvsjön. Head towards Götshult where you will have to transport your canoe approximately 200-300m to Svansjön. Travel across Svansjön until you reach Fegen. There is a possibility to stay overnight in wind shelters on the campsites Backa Nedre / Övre or hostel Backa Loge.

Day 2

On day two you will head north across Fegen to Spångån and then back to Kalv. There is a short lift (20 m) on the stretch at Gammalsjö.