Joarsbo farm shop and cottages

Joarsbo farm is located in the heart of the beautiful Fegen nature reserve. All kinds of nature experiences are on offer here. On the farm you will find cottages for rent and the a small farm shop that sells jam and juice.

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  1. Joarsbo Gård

About Joarsbo Gård

In the farm Joarsbo you will find a small farm shop and rental of cottages. The shop has no fixed opening hours but there is someone there most of the time! It is a good idea to phone ahead and check on + 46 325 - 540 64 or +46 325 540 90. The shop you sells juices and jams made from organic products.

Joarsbo Gård also offers accommodation

The wonderful surroundings feature fields as well as plenty of deciduous forest. The cottage is modern, fully equipped, sits right on the lake and is perhaps the most luxurious available? You have your own swimming area! The cottage can accommodate five beds + four beds in the adjacent cabin. The lake is perfect for fishing! A rowing boat is included and a motor can be hired. You can also buy your fishinng permit here.

The location of Joarsbo cottage is a great starting point for the outdoor enthusiast. Here you will find both hiking and cycling trails.


  1. Joarsbo 2, Kalv