Gunnarp church

Gunnarp church is one of very few wooden churches in Halland. It was built in the 1750s, decorated with beautiful paintings and a unique font from the early Middle Ages.

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  1. Gunnarp church

About the church

The very first church in Gunnarp probably already existed during the 13th century as this is when the relief decorated font dates back to. In the 1740s a new wooden church with a tower was built, however, its was struck by lightning and burned down during the summer of 1753. The present church was built between 1755-1756.

The font is constructed from one piece of red sandstone. It is cylindrical in shape and slightly tapered downwards. It is divided into two rows of figure reliefs, the upper row is further divided by rope ornaments and the lower by columns and a double rope design. The font has been repaired and placed in the chancel. The interior is decorated with beautiful paintings, created in 1782 by master painter Henrik Andersson Wibeck from Varberg. The ceiling paintings were first painted over in 1881 and in the restoration in 1908, the ceiling was covered with panelling, while the walls as well as the balcony front were covered in sackcloth. During the period 1908-1945, however, the church interior was painted light blue.

The last restoration focused on restoring the church's 18th century appearance. Wibeck's ceiling paintings were uncovered and painting on the balcony front was reconstructed using some residual fragments as well as the tapestry paintings on the walls. The foundations were improved, the tower was raised, the dome was slimmed down and a new copper roof was laid. The armoury was replaced with a stone staircase and door directly into the church. New pews were installed, a cross, which was created during the 19th century restoration, was moved to the southern long wall. A new altar was manufactured in 1949, the same year the grand opening took place.


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