On a headland in Ätran you will find the remains of Kinnahus, or Kindahus as it is also called, a fortress mentioned as far back as the medieval Erikkrönik. Welcome to this ruined fortress from the 14th century.

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A medieval castle

Kinnahus or Kindahus castle is located on a headland formed where Kalvån runs into Ätran. The ancient roads along the Viskan and Ätran valleys were of great importance to the Swedish army. Kinnahus was built to monitor an important route through the Ätran valley, known as "ridhväg".

The castle is believed to have been built during the second half of the 13th century. The northeastern part is said to be the oldest. this dating is, however, uncertain as there are no reliable written sources. The castle is mentioned for the first time in 1306 when it was besieged by the Danish. The castle was again besieged by the Danes in 1452.

No archaeological excavations have been carried out at Kinnahus. It is likely that the castle was built of wood and was not a particularly reliable defence. But the strategic position of the castle was excellent.

It is still possible to see how the old fortification was constructed. It consists of a triple moat that was probably waterfilled at the time. The outer embankment was equipped with flanking towers. The main front was facing east. The other sides are bordered by Ätran and Lillån.

Things to bear in mind as a visitor

Kinnahus is located on private land and surrounded by residential properties. Please remember to show consideration, park in designated spaces and do not drop litter.

Footnote: The text is courtesy of the County Administrative Board.


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