Pilgrim route Kindaholm

Pilgrimsleden Kindaholm is a 44 km long pilgrimage trail that runs between the churches of Kalv, Håcksvik, Ö Frölunda and Mårdaklev. This is an historical walking experience through beautiful beech forest, agricultural countryside, spruce forests and along the shores of Lake Fegen.

Start and finish

A handy starting point would be one of the churches, Klev's inn, Kalv’s camping or from the shop Handlarn i Kalv.


The trail is mostly along private roads, partly on forest paths, field tracks and public

country roads. In some cases it may be possible to walk part of the way and catch a bus back. The trail can be divided into 4 stages: Mårdaklev-Kalv (6 km), Kalv-Håcksvik (17 km), Håcksvik-Östra Frölunda (12 km), Östra Frölunda-Mårdaklev (11 km). There are many historically significant sites along the trail, such as Kummeludden's iron age burial ground, the old toll mill at Gammalsjö, Klockaregården with its 1840s tapestries and the old fort in Kindahus. Kindahus was once a medieval border fortress and which in 15th century was part of Sweden’s defence against Denmark.


There is a nice picnic area by Gravsjön. Wind shelters are available in Ö Frölunda / Mölneby, in Mårdaklev and in Kalv / Kättarp (camping voucher must be purchased). There are several indoor accommodation options along the trail. In Kalv you will find Kalv's family camping. Between Kalv - Håcksvik you will find Parksäters B&B och café. On the Håcksvik-Östra Frölunda stretch is the old estate Lerbäcksbyn. The final stretch at Mårdaklev features Klev's nature and cultural reserve.

Map and facts

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Length: 44km.
Marking: red signposts.
Classification: easy with elements of medium difficulty.
Transport: Västtrafik's buses serve the area from Svenljunga on weekdays.
Responsibility: Kindaholm parish.

Fins your way:

  1. The Kindaholm area is located in the southern part of Svenljunga and consists of the villages Mårdaklev, Håcksvik, Östra Frölunda and Kalv. Kalv is located at the northern part av Kalvsjön.

Tip: Start your journey at one of the four churches, Kalv, Mårdaklev, Håcksvik or Östra Frölunda