AVE Kultur

Welcome to the Fridhemsberg artisanal bakery, just outside of Ullared. Here, you’ll find sourdough bread baked with ancient grains, seasonal buns and other edible delights. Ave Kultur bakes everything from scratch and believes in the motto: sustainable, artisan, organic.

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  1. AVE Kultur

AVE Kultur

Om AVE Kultur

AVE stands for Andrée Victorin Emelie. KULTUR stands for bacteria culture and artisanry. Andrée and Emelie have a passion for artisanry, sustainability and small-scale operations. They began baking their own sourdough bread in their kitchen at home after a trip to France and their interest continued to grow. Now they have their own artisanal bakery where they bake sourdough bread, buns and other good things to eat. They want to give more people the opportunity to eat tasty, nutritious and healthy bread. Buy a loaf to take home or find a patch of sun to relax in out back in the little garden.


  1. Fridhemsvägen 11, Ullared