Kalvsjön’s swimming area is located near Kalv church and Kalv family camping. The swimming area has a long jetty, a slightly larger sandy beach and is well suited to families with children.

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About the swimming area

In the village of Kalv you will find Kalvsjön’s swimming area which is adjacent to Kalvs camping. The swimming area is equipped with a dry toilet, changing room, jetty and barbecue area. There are grassy areas as well as a sandy beach. In the village of Kalv, a stone's throw from the bathing area is the hostel Kalvs skolhus (The schoolhouse in Kalv) and the grocery store Handlar'n in Kalv.

Water quality

The quality of the bathing water is checked regularly. You can find results from the latest sampling on the website of the Marine and Water Management Agency.


  1. Kyrkbyn 1, Kalv