Welcome to Kvarngården, a stone’s throw from Håcksvik. The Mårthensson brothers produced furniture here at Kvarngården in the early 20th century.

About Kvarngården

In 1980, Håcksvik’s living history association received a gift from the company Nilssons industriemballage AB in the form of a saw with a factory workshop, along with a mill wheel. At the time it was in ruins and work began to restore the site. The work was halted and restarted many times, including by the brothers Carl, Hans, Enok and Gotthard Mårtensson.

Many have put their heart and soul into keeping the site alive, which has resulted in the authentic atmosphere surrounding the area; it is almost possible to hear the smith's hammer blows and smell the coal. The mill wheel and machinery are not just models of earlier furniture making tools, they are still used and Håcksvik hopes to start the production of a new candlestick in time for next season.


  1. Kvarnagården 2, Håcksvik