Fegens Chapel

Fegen is home to a beautiful chapel with fantastic views of Lake Fegen.

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  1. Fegens kapell

About the chapel

Fegen's chapel building association was formed in 1926. A headland in Lake Fegen was purchased early on. The site was excavated, stone walls were built, a church was to be built as an annex to Gunnarp church. Times took a turn for the worse and it was not until 1958 that a decision could be made to build a chapel. This was made possible thanks to monetary contributions, interest payments and the work of the sewing association. Gunnarp parish contributes annually towards maintenance. Architect Roland Hubel designed the chapel and its clocktower. The grand opening took place on June 12, 1960, led by Bishop Bo Giertz. The chapel can accommodate 90 people.


  1. Kapellvägen 4, Fegen