Canoe trail in Ätran

Ätran is the second-largest river in Halland. It runs through the beautiful Ätra valley (Ätradalen) in Falkenberg’s inland region and ends at the Kattegat strait by central Falkenberg. Canoeing through the Ätran river is sure to result in a nature excursion that you won’t ever forget.

Bild på Ätran.

A three-day trip along the river Ätran

The following is our recommendation for a three-day trip that will take you from the town of Ätran (named after the river) to Falkenberg. The route has lots of picturesque campsites, exciting river rafting stretches and tough passages where you will have to carry your canoe overland. If you want a less arduous journey along the river, we recommend that you instead start at Vessigebro and paddle downstream.

Distance: Ätran (57.119820, 12.942376 External link.)-Falkenberg Length: 43 km Time: 3 days. Overland carrying: 5 times

Distance: Vessigebro (56.97804, 12.65796 External link.)-Falkenberg Length: 13 km Time: 3-5 hours No carrying.

Day 1

Starting point: North of the bridge in Ätran (town). After about 3 km: Light rapids, stick to the middle.

Skogsforsen: Carrying overland, 3.5 km. Access point on the left side of the pond embankment by the sign. Walk on the ridge to the right, take the left down a small forest path and proceed about 200 m. Then follow the gravel road to the right for about 3.3 km. Access point marked.

Bällforsen: Carrying overland, 1.3 km Access point on the left side, 200 m before the power plant at the sign. Follow the road to the right, second forest path after the power plant. Campsite at the access point, Bällforsens power plant.

Tip for day 1: Visit Yttrabergs nature and culture reserve.

Day 2

Start from the campsite that you reach after the Bällforsen power plant.

Yngeredsforsen: Carrying overland 2.3 km. Access point by the grass tip on the right side, approx. 300 m before the power plant. Take the first gravel road to the left past Gällsås sawmill. Access point at the grass tip.

Ätrafors: Access point at the swim spot to the left of the power plant. There is also a campsite here.

Tip for day 2: Stop by Döda Fallet in Yngeredsforsen.

Day 3

Start from the campsite at the Ätrafors swim spot.

Ätrafors: Carrying overland 1.3 km. Follow Hallandsleden along the river Ätran to Högvadsån, which intersects with the route. Access point on the left side after the river. Cross the river, aim for the right edge of the island in the Ätran river. Keep to the left of the other island through the rapids. Keep an eye out for treacherous rocks below the water line! Scout the rapids first, as the water level changes!

Rapids: Carrying overland, 1.6 km. Access point at the picnic table on the right side. Follow the gravel road to the left past the farm. Take the first left, access point approx.
200 m after the last house, by the sign.

Rafting route: Left side past the lime dispenser. Aim for the right side of the stone headway. Keep to the right after the stone headway. The rapids are tough and must be scouted first! On the same side as the overland carrying route.

The final destination and access point is on the left side right before you pass the old E6 motorway. End in Falkenberg.

Tip for day 3: Drop by Höstena’s legendary and mysterious springs by Ljungby, about 100 metres from the river Ätran’s beach.


  1. Coordinates: Ätran 57.119820, 12.942376