Fishing in Hurven

Hurven is a good place fish for perch. However, you can also fish for bream, pike and roach. Spin fishing and angling are the most common methods at this lake, trolling and ice fishing to a lesser tent. Ice fishing is common during the winter months.

About Hurven

Hurven is a lake to the east side of Fegen in the Gislaved local authority in Småland. Part of Nissan's main catchment area.

Fishing in the Fegen area

There are many lakes and rivers of different nature in the Fegen area, offering a variety of fishing. You are able to fish for both put-and-take as well as wild fish. The beautiful surroundings will make you want to stay longer and return again and again. Many of the fishing areas sell fishing permits online. You will find current costs and rules at each respective fishing area or by contacting our tourist information centre.


  1. Coordinates: 57.147918, 13.157370