Fishing in Kalvsjön

Kalvsjön is located west of Fegen lake and is linked to the Svansjöarna which is part of the same fisheries conservation area.

More about Kalvsjön

Kalvsjön is one of Svenljunga municipality's largest lakes and is a popular fishing lake. The fishing area consists of the lakes Kalvsjön, Röasjön, part of Lillån, Fursjön, northern and southern Svansjöarna which is the link to Fegensjön.

Fishing Permits & Rules

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Mer omkring Kalv

In Kalv you will find at Kalvsjön a cozy bathing site. There is also a hostel, Kalvs Skolhus and during the summer season Kalvs family camping is open where you can rent a boat. In Kalv you will also find a smaller grocery store.

Fishing in the Fegen area

There are many lakes and rivers of different nature in the Fegen area, offering a variety of fishing. You are able to fish for both put-and-take as well as wild fish. The beautiful surroundings will make you want to stay longer and return again and again. Many of the fishing areas sell fishing permits online. You will find current costs and rules at each respective fishing area or by contacting our tourist information centre.

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