T. Gustafsson kanotcentral

Everything you need to make your canoeing trip exactly how you want it. T Gustafsson Kanotcentral offers assistance with anything from planning to equipment. The area boasts many lakes and streams and miles and miles of unspoilt nature.

Torborg - Canoe hire in Kalv

T Gustafsson kanotcentral is located on the scenic northwestern shore of Kalvsjön in Svenljunga local authority. It offers canoe hire as well as various accessories, such as packing barrels, canoe carts, water bottles, tarpaulins, extra seats etc. Transport can be arranged.

There are many picturesque canoe trails and managed camp sites in the vicinity, where you can stay overnight by purchasing a camping voucher from the company. You will enjoy access to dry toilets, rubbish bins, firewood, a barbecue area as well as wind shelters at certain sites. The area offers both lake and stream canoeing. There are several great fishing waters and fishing permits for Lake Fegens, Kalvsjön incl. Svansjöarna are sold by us.

It is important to T Gustafssons kanotcentral to offer a nature experience which is kind to the environment, to animals and nature, which means that we do not operate on a large scale and aim to run our business with caution.


  1. Gunnarpsvägen 6, Kalv